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Postpartum Essentials

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Congratulations! You just had your baby! Now, you’re focusing on healing your body and getting to know your new baby. There are a few things that you will need in your postpartum kit that will not only give you some comfort, but help you heal during what can be a sensitive time.

Vaginal Care

The hospital will have some of these items on hand that you will want to take home with you, but it’s also good to have backup at home.

Peri Bottle

The hospital will provide a Peri Bottle for you, however it has a short neck and you may have trouble angling it to correctly clean yourself. A long neck peri bottle will help you clean yourself much easier. Be sure to fill the bottle with lukewarm water and spray over the affected area.

Tucks Pads

Again, the hospital may provide this item for you as well, but it’s good to have back up at home. Tucks pads are a medicated witch hazel pad. Place one or two of these cooling pads into your mesh undies, adult diaper, or maxi pad for relief.


Dermaplast is a cooling and numbing spray that you can spray directly on your stitches.

Sitz Bath

A Sitz Bath is a small soaking bath that you place atop of the toilet. Filling the vessel with warm water and allowing about 10-15 minutes to soak. Consult your healthcare provider about adding Epsom salts to your Sitz Bath. The bath will relieve pain and irritation between pad changes or cleanings. Ideally, you would do this about once a day.

Adult Diapers or Maxi Pads

The hospital will provide mesh underwear. They can be flimsy and unstable when adding Tucks Pads or ice packs. In the newborn phase, you will want something easy and Adult diapers are your answer. They are a super easy and comfortable option. And if adult diapers aren’t your thing, maxi pads will work just as well.


If you plan to breastfeed or pump there are a few items that will help make it a bit more comfortable. Those initial days and weeks, even months of breastfeeding may be difficult. Your nipples will be sore and chapped and irritated, but it won’t last forever. It will take some time for your body to adjust.


If you are new to breastfeeding or are working to build your supply your nipples will be very sensitive. Silverettes are small silver nipple shields that are placed over your nipples after a feeding. It’s important that the Silverettes have a drop or two of breastmilk in the shield in order for the Silverette to properly heal any sore or cracked nipples.

Nipple Butter or Lanolin

Nipple Butter and Lanolin were my best friend when I was breastfeeding. In between using Silverettes apply either Nipple Butter or Lanolin to relieve dry, chapped or cracked nipples. I also found that using some lanolin to lubricate the inside of the pump flanges helped reduce irritation when pumping.

Nursing or Pumping Bras

You will need easy access for nursing. Try a few nursing bras or nursing tanks that are comfortable to you since you will be wearing them all day. If you are pumping, you will need a specific pumping bra to fit the flanges for your pump. There are a few hybrid options, but in my opinion they are not as comfortable as a regular nursing bra.


Prenatal Vitamins

Your healthcare provider may recommend you continue to take your prenatal vitamins postpartum especially if you are breastfeeding. The extra vitamins and nutrients will help your baby’s development.

Stool Softener

Take the stool softener. You will need it. The first bowel movement post delivery may be daunting, but the hospital will provide you with stool softener and as long as you take it, there is nothing to worry about. You will be sore and tender in that general area so when the time comes for that first bowel movement, try not to strain or push to avoid any discomfort. Continue taking the stool softener for longer than you think you will need it. You do not want to deal with a hemorrhoid while you are trying to heal.

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